How to Change the Battery in a 2003 Honda Shadow VLX 600

by Chris Gilliland

Replacing a dead battery on a Honda Shadow 600 may seem difficult, since the small stature of the motorcycle leaves little room to work. However, the job is much simpler than it may appear and requires only a wrench and a screwdriver to accomplish. Even though the task is relatively simple, allow a good deal of time to complete the project, as the working area will be cramped and you may need some time to work the battery in and out of position.

Step 1

Remove the frame's side covers. Grasp the sides off the covers with both hands and gently pull the cover outward until it can be pulled free from the rubber grommets on the frame. Repeat on the remaining cover.

Step 2

Remove the tool kit from the left side of the frame, which is normally hidden behind the left side cover. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the wire lead from the left (negative) battery terminal. Move the disconnected wire lead away from the battery and secure it away from the frame.

Step 3

Remove the fuse box from the right side of the motorcycle. Using a 10-mm wrench, loosen and remove the pair of bolts that secure the fuse box to the frame. Lift the fuse box upward and away from the battery box. Remove the wire lead from the right (positive) battery terminal using a small Philips screwdriver or a 10-mm wrench.

Step 4

Slide the battery to the right and out of the battery box.

Step 5

Insert a new, fully-charged battery into the battery box, ensuring that the negative terminal will be positioned on the left of the motorcycle. Install the right wire lead to the positive terminal, tightening the wire lead bolt with a small Phillips screwdriver or a 10-mm wrench. Connect the left wire lead to the negative terminal using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 6

Remount the fuse box, tightening the mounting bolts with a 10-mm wrench. Replace the tool kit into the left side of the frame. Reinstall the side covers by pressing the tabs on the back of the covers into the rubber grommets on the frame.

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