How To Change Headlight Bulbs on Nissan Pathfinder

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The headlights in the Nissan Pathfinder are typical halogen bulbs. These bulbs have their own socket, so touching the glass part of the bulb should not be necessary, although Nissan recommends wearing gloves anyway. Change out the Pathfinder's headlight bulb as soon as possible if you notice it's burnt out. Driving in the rain or at night with only one headlight is dangerous, as it will reduce your field of vision and increase the chances of an accident.

Step 1

Park the Pathfinder on level pavement and turn the engine off. Open its hood.

Step 2

Separate the negative battery cable from the battery; this is necessary to ensure your safety. Slightly loosen the metal nut on the side of the negative battery cable and pull it straight up to unhook it.

Step 3

Locate the plug connected to the back of the headlamp. Grasp the end of it and pull it out of the bulb socket.

Step 4

Rotate the plastic ring around the bulb socket counter clockwise until it comes off. Grasp the end of the bulb socket and pull it out. Discard the entire unit. The bulb has a built-in socket.

Step 5

Insert the new headlight bulb into its place. Grab the plastic ring and apply it to the back of the socket. Twist it clockwise. Plug the connection into the back. Place the negative battery cable back on top of the battery post and tighten the nut.

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