How to Change an H1 Bulb in a Car

by Kimberly Johnson
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An H1 bulb is a halogen bulb that is used in the headlights and fog lights of vehicles. The bulbs are manufactured in different levels of light intensity, which is represented by the exterior color of the bulb. Although the bulb may appear to be red, green, or blue, when installed, the bulb produces white light. Halogen bulbs produce a light intensity that is closer to natural sunlight than traditional bulbs. Replacing an H1 bulb is just as easy as replacing any other type of headlight bulb.

Step 1

Open the driver's side door of the car and pull the hood release lever.

Step 2

Exit the vehicle and go to the hood of the car. Place your fingers under the edge of the hood and detach the hood release. Open the hood as far as it will go and insert the hood prop pole.

Step 3

Place your fingers onto the back of the headlight area and pull out the headlight connector plug by pulling toward the rear of the car. The connector is a small plug from which wires extend. The connector will detach from the headlight, but not from the car.

Step 4

Place your fingers around the headlight cover and remove it by pulling it toward the rear of the car.

Step 5

Unhook the clip attached to the headlight by pulling out slightly and pushing downward.

Step 6

Grasp the old H1 bulb and pull it straight out to detach it from the car.

Step 7

Compare the old H1 bulb to the new H1 bulb to make sure they are the same size.

Step 8

Insert the bulb into the headlight with the bulb facing away from the car.

Step 9

Replace the clip by pulling it up and pressing it firmly over the end of the rear of the bulb.

Step 10

Place the cover back on the headlight by placing it over the headlight and pressing in firmly.

Step 11

Reinsert the headlight connector plug into the center of the headlight.

Step 12

Turn the lights on to make sure the new bulb works.

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