How to Change a Fuel Filter in a 1998 Camry

by rbennett
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Although Toyota claims that the fuel filters on the 1998 Camry model do not have to be changed during the lifetime of the car, occasionally bad fuel or trash in the lines causes a blockage in the filter, creating idling or acceleration problems due to the engine being starved for fuel. When this happens, the filter must be changed, either at home, a mechanic's shop, or the dealership. While the 1998 Camry's fuel filter is harder to change than most, it is still possible for a home mechanic.

Step 1

Remove fuel filler cap to equalize pressure in the fuel system.

Step 2

Remove the entire air filter housing for easier access to the fuel filter.

Step 3

Locate the fuel filter. On the 1998 Camry, it is on the driver's side, under the hood, just below and behind the air filter housing. It can be identified by the fuel line running from the top back toward the engine.

Step 4

Remove the top fitting of the fuel filter with the 10mm wrench, and unbolt the bracket off the inner guard.

Step 5

Carefully twist the filter and hose/pipe down far enough to where you can locate the union nut.

Step 6

These are often tight because they are changed so rarely. Carefully use the adjustable spanner to hold one end and use the 14mm wrench to undo the connection.

Step 7

Once both the in and out fittings are disconnected at the union nut, remove the other 10mm mounting bolt and remove the filter.

Step 8

Install the new filter by reversing the order of previous steps.

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