How to Add Freon to a Mercedes

by Johnathan Cronk
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If your Mercedes' air conditioner is not producing cool enough air or is taking a long time to cool the vehicle, this may be primarily due to low refrigerant in your air conditioner system. Refrigerant, commonly referred to as freon, is the chemical responsible for cooling the air before it's blown through the vehicle vents; when the freon is low, it cannot cool the air efficiently or quickly, causing warm air to be produced. You can add freon to your Mercedes by purchasing a can of R134a refrigerant.

Step 1

Place the Mercedes in "Park" and turn the vehicle off. Allow the Mercedes to cool down for 20 minutes before beginning any maintenance.

Step 2

Open the hood and locate the air conditioner unit's low side fitting. The hose connects from the accumulator to the compressor.

Step 3

Assemble the can of freon by attaching the recharge hose to the valve on top of the can. The hose will snap onto the valve. Twist the can to the "on" position to puncture and open the can.

Step 4

Connect the can of freon to the low side fitting on the air conditioning unit. Hold the can upright to ensure maximum flow of freon.

Step 5

Turn the engine on and set the air conditioner to the maximum or highest setting available. This will begin the recharge process.

Step 6

Continue to charge the system until the can is empty. Remove the ignition key to turn off the Mercedes. Twist the can of freon to the "off" position. Disconnect the can from the low side fitting and close the hood.

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