How to Add Freon to a Buick Roadmaster

by Lee Sallings

Adding freon to your Buick Roadmaster to replace lost freon caused by small leaks is a popular do-it-yourself project. Air conditioning repairs can be expensive to have done by an auto shop. Air conditioning repair tools and equipment are readily available at your favorite auto parts store, along with the R-134A refrigerant you will need to restore the air conditioning cooling capacity on your Roadmaster. You can complete this project in less than an hour if you are an average do-it-yourself mechanic.

Step 1

Attach the blue and red hoses on the air conditioning gauge set to the Buick's service ports located on the air conditioning lines in the engine compartment. On the Roadmaster, attach the blue hose to the low-pressure service port located on the A/C accumulator between the power steering fluid reservoir and the firewall. Attach the red hose to the high-pressure service port located on the A/C line near the passenger side of the radiator.

Step 2

Screw the yellow hose from the gauge set to the can tap. Screw a can of R-134A refrigerant to the can tap. Check to be sure both valves located on the gauge set are closed. Open the can of refrigerant by twisting the thumbscrew on the can tap counterclockwise until it stops. Unscrew the thumbscrew.

Step 3

Start the engine and turn the air conditioner to its maximum cooling setting and medium blower speed. Open the blue valve on the A/C gauge set and allow the can of refrigerant to empty into the A/C system.

Step 4

Close the blue valve and remove the empty can of refrigerant from the can tap. Allow the engine to run for a few minutes and observe the pressures indicated on the gauges. Add an additional can of refrigerant if the low-pressure gauge reads below 30 psi and the high-pressure gauge reads below 300 psi.

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