How to Change a Ford Probe Alternator Belt

by Lee Sallings

Introduced in 1989, the Ford Probe came equipped with powertrains borrowed from the Mazda MX6/626. Replacement of the alternator belt in these vehicles can be challenging due to the close quarters, and low mounting position, in the engine compartment. The project does not, however, require specialized tools and is within the average home mechanic’s abilities.


Loosen the tensioner pulley nut located in the center of the pulley. This will require a 12-mm or 14-mm wrench, depending on the year and engine of your specific Probe. Loosen the tensioner by turning the 10-mm tensioner bolt located on the bracket between the upper radiator hose and the engine. Turning the tensioner bolt clockwise will draw the pulley up and relieve the tension on the alternator belt. Slip the belt off the tensioner pulley


Raise the passenger side of the vehicle with the floor jack positioned on the body pinch weld located just behind the front wheel opening. Support the vehicle with jack stands positioned under the front sub-frame. Remove the splash shield in the passenger-side wheel well to expose the crankshaft pulley and belts. Slip the old belt off the crankshaft pulley and out of the engine compartment, from underneath the car.


Slip the new belt into place around the pulleys, and under the tensioner. Turn the tensioner bolt counterclockwise until the belt is tight, and then tighten the tensioner pulley nut to lock the tensioner in place and prevent loosening of the belt while the engine is running.


Reinstall the splash shield, and lower the vehicle back onto the ground by removing the jack stands and lowering the floor jack.

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