How to Replace the Belt Tensioner on a Saturn

by Zyon Silket

The tensioner pulley on a Saturn engine keeps pressure on the engine's serpentine belt. This ensures the belt does not slip and that it maintains the capability of turning the engine's other pulleys. If the pulley wears out, the pulley will not spin correctly with the belt. This could cause premature wear and failure of the serpentine belt. If this happens, you can replace the belt tensioner.

Step 1

Park the Saturn on level ground, and open the hood. Wait for the engine to cool down.

Step 2

Place a ratchet driver into the square hole on the tensioner arm connected to the tensioner pulley, which is to the left of the crankshaft pulley. Lift up on the ratchet, and remove the serpentine belt from the pulley, but leave the belt on the other pulleys.

Step 3

Remove the spring connected to the bottom of the tensioner arm using a pair of pliers.

Step 4

Remove the two bolts that secure the tensioner arm to the engine block using a socket and ratchet, and then remove the tensioner from the Saturn.

Step 5

Place the new tensioner against the engine block, and secure it using the two bolts, socket and ratchet.

Step 6

Secure the spring to the bottom of the tensioner arm using the pliers.

Step 7

Place the ratchet into the square hole on the tensioner arm, and lift up on the handle. Place the serpentine belt onto the new tensioner pulley.

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