How to Change a Ford F150 Air Filter

by Thomas West

Ford F-Series trucks have been in production since the late 1940s. The Ford F150 is a popular half-ton pickup truck that is part of the F-Series line and includes everything from economical six-cylinder models up to V8-powered work horses. F150 trucks use a replaceable paper air filter element to keep the engine intake system clean and should be changed every 36,000 miles, or more often if you operate your truck in dusty conditions.


Open the hood and locate the air filter assembly at the front of the engine bay on the right hand side (facing the engine bay).


Unplug the mass air flow sensor electrical connector located on the air filter outlet tube by sliding the locking clip on the connector downward and pulling the connector apart by hand.


Remove the air tube from the air cleaner assembly by loosening the holding clamp with a Philips screwdriver in a counterclockwise direction and pulling the tube from the air cleaner.


Rotate the three air cleaner assembly holding clamps (located at the rear of the air cleaner) toward the rear of the engine bay. Push up on the air cleaner cover to release it.


Lift the air cleaner element out of the air cleaner assembly and discard it. Place a new element into the air cleaner with the pleats facing downward.


Place the air cleaner cover back onto the air cleaner assembly (being careful to align the tabs in the cover to the slots in the air cleaner assembly), and rotate the clips toward the front of the engine bay to secure the cover.


Slide the air tube back onto the air cleaner, and tighten the holding clamp with a Philips screwdriver in a clockwise direction. Do not over-tighten the clamp or you could damage the air tube. Plug the mass air flow sensor connector back into the air tube and slide the locking clip downward. Close the hood.


  • close Ensure you are using the correct replacement air filter element or you could damage your F150s engine. Get a correct replacement element from your Ford dealer.

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