How to Change the Fuel Filter on a 1997 GMC Jimmy

by Bruce Santucci
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One of the best ways to optimize the fuel mileage in larger vehicles is to change your fuel filter every 30 to 40 thousand miles. 1997 GMC Jimmys can get up to 21 miles per gallon if their regular maintenance schedule is adhered to throughout the life of the vehicle. Gas mileage on a Jimmy with a dirty fuel filter that has more than 50,000 miles on it can drop to only 13 or 14 miles per gallon. If you have an old Jimmy, the right tools, and some free time, you can successfully replace your old fuel filter.

Step 1

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Assemble your metal vehicle ramps at the front tires and inside rear tires of your 1997 GMC Jimmy on a flat surface. With another person guiding you, drive your Jimmy up onto the metal ramps. Park it and pull the emergency brake to prevent the truck from rolling while you are working. Disconnect the battery cables. Wait for the engine to become cold. Use the rolling creeper to slide under the vehicle. The fuel filter is on the driver's side frame rail. Put on your safety goggles.

Step 2

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Loosen the fittings on the inlet and outlet fuel filter lines in your 1997 Jimmy. The fuel line is pressurized, so always loosen the engine-side or front end of the fuel filter line first. This will prevent gasoline from squirting into your eyes or on your clothing. If you wait until the engine is cold before working on it, the pressure in the fuel line will be lower. Hold the 21mm line wrench on the fuel filter fitting with one hand, and turn the 16mm line wrench counter-clockwise with the other hand to loosen the fitting nut on the fuel line. Do the same with the back end of the fuel filter.

Step 3

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Use the ratchet wrench to loosen and unbolt the black plastic fuel filter mounting bracket from the frame rail of the Jimmy. You don't need to remove it completely. Once the mounting bracket is loose, turn and pull the fuel filter out in the direction of the engine.

Step 4

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Get your new 1997 GMC Jimmy fuel filter, and push and turn it into the loosened mounting bracket. Screw it into the outlet fuel line and hand-tighten the fittings. Do the same with the fittings on the inlet end of the fuel filter.

Step 5

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Tighten the fittings with your line wrenches, then get your ratchet wrench and tighten the two mounting bracket bolts to the frame rail. You are now set to get much better gas mileage on your 1997 GMC Jimmy.

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