How to Tune Up a Ford Windstar

by Shayrgo Barazi
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Tuning up your Ford Windstar should be done periodically to ensure that it runs efficiently and properly. If your Ford Windstar is hesitating, idling rough, or if you have noticed that your gas mileage has dropped significantly, you can replace a few key components that wear or get dirty over time and cause the vehicle to run inefficiently.

Step 1

Replace the air filter by removing the clamp holding the two-piece air box together. Separate the air box, remove the old air filter and install the new one.

Step 2

Install new spark plugs on your Windstar. Spark plugs wear over time because of the high temperature and pressure in the combustion chamber. To install new spark plugs, pull the spark plug wire off of the spark plug and then use a ratchet and spark plug socket to loosen the old spark plug. Then install the new plug with a standard socket.

Step 3

Install new spark plug wires on the Windstar. To do this, pull one spark plug wire at a time to avoid crossing the wires. Find a new spark plug wire that is the same length and install it on the engine.

Step 4

Replace the old fuel filter with a new one. Fuel filters get dirty over time because of the contaminants in the fuel that weren't filtered at the refinery. To replace the fuel filter, remove the hose clamps at each side of the filter with a screwdriver and pull the hoses off. Then remove the clamp holding the old fuel filter with a ratchet and install the new one.

Step 5

Pour a bottle of fuel injector cleaner through your fuel tank to clean the fuel injectors. Some particles of dust and dirt could have gotten past the fuel filter element, clogging the injectors and causing the van to run poorly.

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