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How to Change the Cabin Filter in a Jaguar X-Type

by Contributor

It is recommended to change the cabin filter every 15k miles. If left alone, air can be blocked from entering the cabin or worse, mildew can form and particles can be blown into your car. Follow the steps below to successfully change your X-Type's cabin filter.

Step 1

Open the hood.

Step 2

Carefully pry the five push screws that hold the front of the black cowling to the metal lip of the fire wall. (It is the plastic cover underneath the windshield wipers)

Step 3

The filter lays opposite the intake vent on the driver's side. Carefully lift the cowling from under, starting on the passenger side, in the corner near the hood strut mounting. Apply gentle pressure until the hidden trim pin ''pops''

Step 4

Continue moving from the passenger side towards the driver's side, gently lifting the cowling, until another two trim pins have ''popped''. This will give you enough room to handle the cabin filter.

Step 5

Carefully lift the cowling to get to the filter, which is mounted against the fire wall. Rotate the hinged filter holder on top of the filter housing. (Rotate up, and towards the rear of the vehicle).

Step 6

Pull out the old filter.

Step 7

Install the new filter, noting that the flow arrow should point towards the rear of the vehicle.

Re-install in the reverse order of removal. Be sure to pop the cowling firmly back into place. No problems re-aligning the hidden trim screws.


  • Always be careful when dealing with push screws because they tend to break easily.
  • Use small vacuum attachment to clear out debris that was left behind in the filter housing.

Items you will need

  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • New Cabin Filter

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