How to Change A Headlight Bulb on The Nissan Frontier Pick-up

by Jody L. Campbell

Replacing the headlight in your Nissan Frontier is probably not one of the easier applications that take halogen headlights, but if you're a die-hard "do-it-yourselfer," it is quite doable. Tackling the project yourself will also show you how it's done and save you some money on labor charges the dealership or local repairs shops would tack onto your bill.

How to Change a Headlight Bulb on the Nissan Frontier Pick-up

Step 1

Determine which bulb needs to be replaced by turning on the headlights and standing in front of the Frontier. Take note of the position of the bulb in the headlight assembly. Turn off the lights and remove the keys from the ignition. The manual may tell you to disconnect the battery, but this is not really necessary as long as someone doesn't turn the headlights on while you're replacing the bulb.

Step 2

Open the hood and locate the headlight assembly you're going to be working on from behind. On some later-model Frontiers, it may be easier or necessary to remove some components to get your hand onto the back of the assembly and remove the old bulb. The driver's side headlight requires the removal of the air box. Unsnap the air box cover, remove the air filter, locate and remove the three 10-mm bolts at the bottom and manipulate the air box out of your way. The passenger side headlight may require removal of the battery or at least removal of the battery hold-down nut so you can tilt the battery to get your hands down behind the headlight assembly. If necessary, remove the battery hold-down nut and if you have to, remove the battery.

Step 3

Locate the long plastic plug clamp that plugs into the back of the bad headlight. You need to press in the middle of this clamp to release the lock and unplug it. If you have a hard time pressing the middle in, use the flathead screwdriver to convince it. Unplug the wire from the back of the headlight once the lock is pressed in.

Step 4

Turn the headlight retainer ring counterclockwise until it releases from the headlight assembly. Extract the ring and the old bulb.

Step 5

Insert the new bulb into the headlight assembly and lock into place with the retainer ring. Do not touch the glass bulb of the new headlight. There is only one way the ring will fit into the assembly and when it does, turn it clockwise until it locks in.

Step 6

Plug the plastic plug clamp back onto the socket of the new headlight. If you replaced the driver's side bulb, you should turn the headlights on to check now to make sure it's working before putting the air box back together. You would have to reconnect the battery first before trying to turn on the lights to check the passenger side bulb, but you should connect the battery terminals first, check the lights, and, if it works, reconnect the battery hold-down nut.

Step 7

Replace the air box assembly or the battery and hold-down nut, remove the tools and old bulb. Close the hood.

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