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How to Change the Brake Light on a BMW X5

by Abby Vaun

Changing the brake light on your BMW X5 is simple. You don't need any special tools to complete the job. All you need is your owner's manual and a replacement brake light.

Step 1

Open the side panel in the cargo bay on the side with the burnt out bulb.

Step 2

Remove the warning triangle and first aid kit.

Step 3

Lift up and fold the insulation.

Step 4

Turn the bulb socket to the left and pull it out.

Step 5

Twist the used bulb to the left and pull it out of the socket.

Step 6

Install new bulb by turning it to the right.

Step 7

Reinstall the bulb socket.

Step 8

Replace the insulation, warning triangle and first aid kit.

Replace the side panel.

Items you will need

  • Owner's manual
  • Replacement bulb

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