How to Change the Battery on a BMW R1200C

by Samuel Hamilton
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Changing the battery on your motorcycle should be a maintenance procedure you perform, on average, every one to two years if your bike's electrical systems indicate that the battery may be failing. While most motorcycles house the batteries underneath the seat, BMW R1200Cs stow their batteries underneath the gas tank. Changing the battery on your BMW R1200C therefore requires you to first remove the bike's gas tank before accessing the battery compartment.

Step 1

Unscrew the three bolts holding your BMW's gas tank in place. The bolts are located on both sides and at the front of the gas tank. Use an Allen key wrench to remove the bolts.

Step 2

Prop the gas tank up to give you access to the battery compartment or have an assistant hold the gas tank as you work with the battery.

Step 3

Pull the battery from the compartment underneath the gas tank to access the battery's terminal access points. The terminals point towards the ground.

Step 4

Remove the wires connected to the terminal access points by hand, starting with the negative (black) terminal wire.

Step 5

Attach the wires to the terminal access points of the new battery by hand, starting with the positive (red) terminal wire.

Step 6

Install the new battery into the battery compartment with the terminals facing towards the ground.

Step 7

Reattach your BMW's gas tank by first installing the front screw and then the side screws.

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