How to Change the Batteries on Your SunPass

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The SunPass unit is a small electronic device that allows you to breeze through toll centers in Florida. Use the SunPass to prepay toll booth credits. As long as your account has credits, you won't need to pay at a toll booth. The SunPass is a battery operated device. If the battery drains, it will not work properly. Replace the battery to solve the problem.

Turn the SunPass unit over. On the back you'll see a small cover with a notch. This is the battery cover.

Insert a coin into the SunPass' battery cover notch. Turn the coin counterclockwise to remove the battery cover. The battery is now visible.

Lift the battery to remove it from the compartment. Use your fingernail or a small flat-blade tool. Pry on the edge opposite the battery compartment tabs that cover the end of the battery.

Insert the battery into the compartment, pushing it beneath the battery compartment tabs. The "Plus" symbol should be pointing up.

Attach the compartment cover. Use the coin to turn it clockwise to secure it.

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