How to Change the Alternator of a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

by Eli Laurens
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The 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora was manufactured with a rotating alternator that provides electrical power to the engine and accessories. This alternator is similar to other models, but because the Aurora has a transversely mounted engine, it can be difficult to access. The average backyard mechanic can remove the alternator from the Aurora in about forty minutes.

Step 1

Disconnect the battery by turning the positive terminal bolt counterclockwise and pulling the terminal free of the post. Set the terminal aside, away from the post.

Step 2

Remove the radiator to gain access to the alternator by taking out the fan shroud, fan and radiator assembly. The fan can be unplugged from the wiring harness by pulling the adapter plug out of the socket, then the fan shroud and fan can be removed in one piece by turning the four corner bolts on the shroud counterclockwise. Lift the fan and fan shroud up and out of the engine compartment. Disconnect the coolant hoses by turning the hose clamp screws counterclockwise and working the hoses off. Collect any spilled coolant in a drain pan. Turn the top radiator mount bolts counterclockwise and the entire unit can be lifted directly up, out of the engine.

Step 3

Remove the power steering pump lines by turning the line bolts counterclockwise. Removing the lines can give enough access, but the entire pump can be removed if required. Turn the mount bolts counterclockwise and the pump can be taken out.

Step 4

Remove the belt from the alternator by pressing firmly on the tension pulley arm, then sliding the belt out from under the idle pulley wheel. Release the arm and unwrap the belt from the alternator. It is not necessary to completely remove the belt from the engine.

Step 5

Disconnect the wiring harness from the alternator by pulling the adapter plug from the alternator's socket. Turn all of the mount nuts counterclockwise, while holding the opposing bolt head with a socket. Slide the bolts out, and the alternator can be manipulated out of the car. Replace the alternator with a new unit, and reverse the procedure to install. Refill the cooling system with the proper level of coolant once the cooling system is reassembled. Reconnect the battery and start the Aurora.

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