How to Remove an Alternator From a Hyundai Sonata

by Jody L. Campbell

The alternator in your Hyundai Sonata is not the easiest alternator to remove or replace. You should have some technical know-how skills. Considering the labor charges to remove and replace one, if you're not scared away from the above sentences, you might consider doing it yourself. Remember, a good mechanic is merely someone who can take something apart and remember how to put it back together without having any left over parts or pieces.

Step 1

Drive the Sonata up onto the car ramps on a flat level surface. If the alternator is dead, this may not be a viable option, so you would have to lift the front end with a floor jack and place the jack stand under the frame rails. Remember to apply the parking brake and place a wheel chock behind one of the rear tires.

Step 2

Open the hood. Disconnect and secure the negative battery terminal so it does not come into contact accidentally with the negative post during the repair.

Step 3

Remove the two radiator mount bolts so that you can move the radiator slightly upward.

Step 4

Crawl under the Sonata (on a creeper if you have one) and bring your tools. Put on the safety glasses.

Step 5

Locate the tensioner pulley of the serpentine belt. Place a wrench on the bolt head and turn it counterclockwise to release the tension on the belt. Some tensioner pulleys may have a 3/8 inch inset that you could place a 3/8 inch drive ratchet into and turn counterclockwise to release the belt tension. Remove the belt from the alternator pulley only. You do not have to remove the entire belt.

Step 6

Unplug and disconnect the wire harness connectors from the alternator using the hand wrenches or the ratchet and a socket.

Step 7

Remove the alternator bolts. It may be necessary to push the radiator upward to extract the bolts out of the alternator, but you should be able to since you removed the upper radiator mount bolts.

Step 8

Remove the alternator. To replace the alternator, reverse the order of steps.

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