How to Replace an Alternator on a Nissan Altima

by Carl Pruit
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Occasionally the Nissan Altima alternator will wear out from usage or faulty parts, requiring it be replaced for the vehicle to operate properly. Replacing the alternator in the Altima is a job that can be done in about an hour. The engine on the Nissan Altima sits sideways in the engine compartment with the alternator just behind the front grill on the passenger side of the engine, allowing for easy access. You can replace the alternator yourself, saving time and money.

Step 1

Unfasten the negative battery cable of the Nissan Altima from the battery post with an open-end wrench. Locate the alternator near the front of the engine compartment on the passenger side.

Step 2

Loosen the bolts that are securing the alternator to the engine and bracket with a socket wrench just enough to be able to move the alternator on the bracket. Slide the alternator forward on the bracket and remove the alternator belt from the pulley.

Step 3

Detach the electrical wiring plug from the alternator socket, pulling it straight up by hand. Unfasten the ground wire and electrical wiring connector from the alternator, detaching the nuts securing the wires to the alternator using a nut driver.

Step 4

Unfasten the bolts securing the alternator to the engine with a socket wrench and slide them out by hand. Lift the alternator off the bracket and remove it from the engine compartment.

Step 5

Place the new alternator on the bracket and secure it with the bolts, tightening them just enough so the alternator can still move on the bracket. Connect the electrical wiring plug into the alternator socket by hand and attach the ground wire and electrical wiring connector to the alternator with nuts.

Step 6

Plut the alternator belt over the pulley and pull back on the alternator with a small prybar to add tension to the belt. Tighten the bolts on the alternator with the socket wrench while applying tension to the belt.

Step 7

Reattach the negative battery cable to the Nissan Altima battery post with an open-end wrench.

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