How to Change the Air Filter on a Mini Cooper

by Josh Baum
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To make sure your Mini Cooper always has the speed and pickup it's known for, you've got to make sure the engine is getting plenty of air. When the engine air filter gets dirty and clogged, your engine starts to suffocate, robbing you of your high gas mileage and world-class performance. Fortunately, this essential maintenance step is easy to do on your own.

Step 1

Pull the hood release lever in front of the driver's seat, raise the hood and prop up the hood with its support arm.

Step 2

Locate the air filter compartment, a long black plastic case just behind the engine. You can further identify it by the six Allen screws that hold it in place. There are three screws on each side.

Step 3

Use an Allen wrench to loosen and remove all six of these screws. Lift the plastic cover off the compartment.

Step 4

Remove the air filter which should slide right out. If you're not sure if it needs replacement, this is the time to look it over carefully and judge for yourself. If it looks like there's a little bit of life left in the old filter, you can always put it right back.

Step 5

Put in the new filter, sliding it into place in the same position and facing the same direction as the old one.

Step 6

Put the plastic cover back, then reinsert and tighten down all of the Allen screws.

Step 7

Lower the hood support arm and close the hood.

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