Caterpillar 3306 Engine Specs

by A.J. Andrews
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The Caterpillar 3306B engine has several applications in the commercial maritime industry, and its torque ratings, which range from of 563 foot-lbs. to 967 foot-lbs. make it ideal for use in medium- and high-speed watercraft. Caterpillar has produced marine engines under the CAT and MaK brands for 75 years.


CAT produces eight versions of the 3306B, with marine horsepower ratings ranging from 218 horsepower (mhp) at 2,000 rpm to 360 mhp at 2,200 rpm. However, all models share the same configurations.

Performance Specifications

The inline, six-cylinder 3306B sweeps 641 cubic inches of fuel and air from its combustion chamber when its pistons move from top dead center to bottom dead center (displacement), and the 218 mhp version has a brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) of 0.411 lbs. per horsepower-hour at 1,200 rpm.

Other Specifications

The 3306B has a cylinder diameter of 4.89 inches (bore), and its pistons travel six inches when entering and exiting the combustion chamber (stroke). It has an oil capacity of 7.2 gallons, a 4.8-gallon cooling reservoir and a weight of 2,469 lbs. The motor comes standard with a vibration dampening system and a water-cooled manifold and turbocharger.

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