How to get Free Carfax from Internet Forums at No Cost

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There are plenty of articles on ehow on how to get free car fax report with all stating similar common knowledge such as requesting a carfax vehicle history from dealers, trying the free trial or searching for car listing with the car fax logo. This article will explain the steps to getting a free car fax report from online forums with no strings attached.

Search the web for car forums. For example, honda forum, audi forum, mustang forum, etc.

Once you are at a forum, depending on how much time you have you can either do a quick search for carfax vehicle history, or free carfax. If time permits, take 5 minutes to sign up for free forum membership and post a thread politely, requesting a free carfax vehicle report. There is usually a member subscribed to the unlimited carfax membership and willing to help you out by looking up your carfax vehicle history.

If you post a thread on the forum requesting carfax vehicle history, it may take either couple of hours to days for someone to come to your rescue. For best results, try both methods, and use several forums.

If this does not work for you, then you can try asking the seller of the vehicle for a carfax vehicle history report , or try a free trial of carfax as mentioned by other articles. Goodluck!

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