How to Get a Free Carfax History Report

by Francis Walsh
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Buying a used car is a good way for many people to get the vehicle of their dreams. A buyer can have more control when purchasing a used car by tracing its history via a free CARFAX report. You can find out if a used car was involved in a major accident or has ownership restrictions that may not be disclosed at the time of sale.

Step 1

Ask for the vehicle identification number of the used car or truck you want to buy. This is a common request, and any reputable used-car salesman should provide a free CARFAX history report.

Step 2

Inform a private seller of the report's benefits and ask that he wait until you can see one before the sale. If the seller has nothing to hide, they probably won't mind paying the $35 for the report.

Step 3

Peruse the car dealership website. Many dealerships provide links to free CARFAX reports for their vehicles on their website.

Step 4

Look through the multiple free CARFAX record checks, such as "Lemon Check," "Record Check," "Recall Check," "Problem Car Check" and free "Sample Reports."

Step 5

Find a used car that comes with a free CARFAX history report by accessing the used-car database located on Enter the year, make and model of the vehicle you would like to purchase to get a list of used vehicles in your area that come with a free CARFAX history report.

Step 6

Visit some of the major car-buying websites on the Web and look for free CARFAX reports. Sites such as provide free reports for many of their vehicles.

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