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How to Get a Free Car or Get Paid $400 a Month to Drive

by Contributor

One of the biggest expenses we have is owning a car. We have to have a car in order to work, go to school, and even shop for necessitates. Well you can cut at least one costs by getting a car for free. Sometimes it is easier then you think.

Step 1

Advertise. You can get a free car by allowing businesses to use your car as a moving billboard for them. Companies give individuals free cars to drive a certain amount of miles per week in them. You can also get your current car wrapped in an advertisement and get paid each month to drive. It ranges from $400 or more a month for driving a wrapped car. These services are usually in high populated areas but can be available to anyone who drives a lot. There are many sites you can go to and sign up for this like that allows you to find organizations that offer car wrap/advertisement services.

Step 2

Company cars. Another way to get a free car is to get a job where you are allowed a company car. This isn't available in all jobs but many offer the luxury of one if a lot of travel is required. Jobs that offer company cars are sales, executives, car dealerships, personal assistants, plumbers, and gophers.

Step 3

Sweepstakes. The next way to get a free car is to win one. There are usually sweepstakes that offer free cars and casinos offer this as well. Certain casinos offer a grand prize to people who are playing in their establishment and win certain drawings. Just search on the Internet for free car sweepstakes and enter as many as you can. Always remember not to give out personal information such as social security number. Most contests that are legit should only ask for your name, address, phone number, and birthday.

Government assistance. The government offers programs that allow low-income families to receive cars and repairs. Individuals who are eligible for TANIF usually must have cash, property, or resources totaling no more then $2,000. There are also programs in areas that allow low-income individuals and families to obtain a free car for welfare to work assistance. Some sites to check out are: 1.Samaritan Outreach 2.Ways to Work Program 3.Car Loan Programs

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