Why Do Car Lights Flash After a Battery Change in a Subaru Impreza?

by Mike Vasick
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Whenever you replace the battery in your 1999 Subaru Impreza, the parking lights, as well as the radio and dash lights will flash until you reset the security system. Resetting the system is not done with a scan tool -- these three methods are the only ways to reset the system. If one of these methods do not work, have the system diagnosed.

Pick a Method

The first method is simple if you have the remote key fob. Simply cycle the door locks with the key fob and the lights will stop flashing. The second method is using the security button under the dash. The button is mounted to the bottom of the dash, next to the hood release lever. Push the button and hold it for three seconds, while at the same time turning the ignition switch to the run position. The door locks will cycle and the security system will be reset. The final method is to disconnect the negative battery cable with the ignition off, then turn the ignition to the run position. Leave it in the run position and reconnect the negative cable. Then turn the key off.

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