Can Heat Build Up Break a Car Window?

by Amy Rodriguez
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When the temperature rises, especially in a desert region, some drivers become concerned over the integrity of their car glass and its reaction to the heat and the sun's rays. Drivers should only consider the heat issue in particular instances of extreme temperatures and compromised glass integrity.


Depending on the manufacturer, typical car glass is strengthened through lamination. It is two pieces of glass laminated together to create a barrier to keep passengers inside the vehicle in case of an accident.


Even on the hottest day in a desert region, car windows cannot break from heat build up, reports auto repair store owner Bobby Gottlieb, through his work with the Best of Las Vegas. But, car windows can be weakened if they are damaged.


If a car window is cracked, it is recommended to keep the car out of the heat. The expansion of the window from heat exposure can weaken the glass as the crack grows larger. In addition, putting cool water on a cracked window can also contribute to weakening and enlarging the cracked area.

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