How Can I Track My Car Over the Internet?

by Palmer Owyoung
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Today you don't need to be a super spy or tech geek to track your car with GPS over the Internet. All that you need is a simple GPS tracking device that can fit in the palm of your hand and a way to get online. This can be through a PDA, a smart phone or a computer.

Step 1

Buy a GPS tracking device. These are sold at most online spy and gadget stores a few that you can purchase them at are BrickHouseSecurity, SpyAssociates, and SpyGear4U (see references below). As of 2010, these devices cost about $100-$200.

Step 2

Turn the device on. You do this by simply pressing the "On" button.

Step 3

Install the device in the vehicle. A good place to put the device is in the glove compartment. However if you are tracking your spouse, or teenage son or daughter and don't want them finding it, you can duct tape it to the bottom of a seat.

Step 4

Log onto the website that you are provided. When you purchase your GPS tracking device, you will be given a user name and password to log on to a website. You will see a blinking red dot superimposed on a map. The dot is the vehicle. You will now be able to track it anywhere it goes.

Step 5

Create geo fences that will allow you to receive alerts via text message or e-mail when the vehicle enters or exits a specified area. Do this by right-clicking on the area on the map that you wish to create a boundary. This will highlight the area simply drag it out until you have your defined space on the map.

Step 6

Select map view or satellite view by clicking on the tabs near the top of the screen. This will allow you to view the screen as a map or a satellite photograph.

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