How to Calibrate a Ford Taurus Computerized Compass

by braniac

Darn thing! The compass on your Taurus is either clearly off, or stopped working completely! Calibrating your Ford Taurus's computerized compass is easier that you think! Get going in the right direction in a few easy steps!

The SET, INFO and RESET buttons are generally found on the dash, to the right of the steering column.

With the engine running, hold the INFO button for about 2 seconds, until the Compass/Odometer function. (Don't select trip, DTE or AFE! The top of the message center must be blank.)

Set your magnetic zone. Reference the zone map to determine your magnetic zone. Press and hold RESET until it displays the current zone. Release the RESET button, then press again to change the current zone. Press SET repeatedly until the correct zone is displayed, then RESET again to exit.

Begin the calibration process. Press RESET again to enter the calibration process. You should see "Circle slowly to calibrate" in the message window.

Drive the car VERY slowly in possibly up to three circles to calibrate. (About 3 MPH or slower.) When the calibration is complete a message will be displayed: "Calibration completed".


  • check If you are in the same location as the last time the compass was calibrated, you are not likely to need to enter the zone, as it should be set for the current zone. If you are unsure, or if a zone is not displayed, reference the chart.


  • close Zones have slightly different magnetic north compass points, so if the car is not calibrated with the correct zone, the compass information could be faulty. Ensuring you have the correct magnetic zone will correct this problem.

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