How to Buy a Replacement Car Windshield

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Car windshields crack and need to be replaced for the safety of the driver and passengers. To some it may seem like a complicated affair, but broken windshields happen so often that auto windshield replacement companies are plentiful in metropolitan cities. The following steps describe how you can replace your car windshield easily.

Peruse your yellow pages to find a windshield replacement company that offers car insurance holders repair service by waiving of their deductible. Most windshield replacement clauses in major insurance policies have a $50 deductible.

Make sure you have the make, model year, license plate number and vehicle identification number with you when you set your appointment. The auto glass company needs to bring the correct windshield for the replacement.

Determine with the auto windshield replacement company that there will not be any out of pocket expense for your windshield replacement. In other words, your insurance company must be billed, not you, and the deductible is waived.

Set an appointment for the company to come to your home or office to replace the windshield. All auto glass companies are mobile now. This is a common practice. However, you need to make it clear to the company that if they say "between 3 and 4 in the afternoon," the repair man comes at that time. No lateness is allowed. If early, ask them to call and see if your vehicle is available.

Wait for the auto glass repair man during the time he is suppose to arrive. Be ready to sign the papers, so your insurance company can be billed properly.

Go over any instructions from the repair man like how long the tape is supposed to stay attached to hold the windshield in place until the glue has dried. Also, this is the time to ask any concerns or questions.


  • check Try to avoid insurance referrals because, most likely, you will have an out of pocket expensive. It is best to deal with finding an auto windshield company yourself, so you can get the best deal--not out of pocket expense.
  • check Auto windshield replacement is a competitive business, so take a moment to find the best deal.

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