How to Buy a Car in Jamaica

by Samuel Hamilton
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With a population of 2.8 million people, Jamaica is a prominent Caribbean country. Though most tourists get around Jamaica on its fairly developed public transportation system, many locals travel in automobiles, just as they do in the United States. Buying a car in Jamaica requires you locate the specific make and model, either through an online classified website or through one of the numerous physical dealerships on the island.

Step 1

Identify several online consortia sites that specialize in selling used and new cars in Jamaica. Some examples include Jamaican Classifieds, Jamaica Auto Trader, Top 5 Jamaica and Auto Channel Jamaica. Sites such as these list only private sellers and dealerships which participate in the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica which includes the Small Business Association of Jamaica. Though purchasing from sellers that do not participate in the PSOJ is not technically illegal in Jamaica, it is highly regulated enough to be too much of a nuisance.

Step 2

Search your selected sites using the search criteria they utilize. For example, Jamaican Classifieds allows you to search by car makers, while Jamaica Auto Trader allows you to specify vehicle type, make, manufacture year and even price. Cars are listed on Jamaican consortia sites in Jamaican dollars or JMD, so the price will often look inflated if you are originally from outside of Jamaica. Ten thousand dollars US is approximately $850,000 JMD.

Step 3

Contact the private or dealer using the contact information provided by the consortia website. Some consortia sites provide private seller or dealer websites, while others simply provide a contact phone number and addresses. He or she will guide you through the purchasing process, including finalizing a purchase price, securing financing and establishing insurance.

Step 4

Change registration of your car at a Jamaican Inland Revenue office. Be sure to bring appropriate materials and identification (See Things You'll Need).

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