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How to Buy Army Surplus Vehicles

by Contributor

Buying Army surplus vehicles is a superb idea if you want to get field tested and rugged vehicles that have a good maintenance records. Army surplus vehicles are usually only available during specific times throughout the year so you have to jump on them when the time comes and not delay.

Step 1

Not all sales of Army surplus vehicles are well advertised so it might be necessary to get in contact with some military locations like the national guard offices in your area to get some more information. Sometimes they coordinate their sales with other nearby organizations too, so the best way to know is to ask.

Step 2

You may need to check with the Department of Defense and see who in your area is a licensed contractor to sell army surplus vehicles. Much of the time the Army doesn't do any actual selling themselves but they contract a company to deal with the general public.

Step 3

One company they you can check with is Government Liquidation, LLC. They handle a large amount of the scrap material and vehicles from the Department of Defense and have a searchable web site. You can even narrow your search to specific locations in your area that might have Army surplus vehicles for sale.

Realize that you may need a special license to purchase some types of used military equipment and that it's best to check and see what you might qualify or be allowed to buy. Some items are available to anyone while others are restricted and you will not even be allowed to bid on them. To only way to find out is to see for yourself.

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