How to Build a Toy Hauler Bed

by Paul Parsons

A toy hauler is the large, boxed-in wagon you see folks pulling behind their pickup trucks. It is used to transport big boy toys, such as quads and dirt bikes, from one location to another while keeping them protected from the elements. Many people choose to build a fold-down bed into their toy hauler so they have an inexpensive place to rest up after a rough day of riding. Building a toy hauler bed won't wear you out as much as the day's riding will.

Measure the mattress to ensure that it will fit inside the toy hauler. Use those dimensions to cut the 2x4s. Screw or hammer them together in the form of a box-shaped bed frame that will securely hold your mattress.

Build a bed support leg in a boxed "u" shape. The "u" should be the width of the bed, and about 1-foot in height. Secure the support leg to one end of the bed frame with the small hinges. You will want your hinges to close when the leg is extended, and to be open when the leg is folded underneath the frame.

Construct a second frame of the same dimensions as the first to hang on the inner wall of the toy hauler. The second frame only needs to be constructed of four boards, and should be two-dimensional. Secure the frame to the inside wall and one foot up from the floor of the toy hauler, using the nails and screws.

Attach the opposite end of the bed frame (the end without the support leg) to the frame hanging on the wall, using the two large, jointed hinges. Affix the hinges so they will be open when the bed is down, and closed when the bed is tucked away against the wall.

Close the frames together and have someone assist you in holding them closed while you affix a latch fixture to each side of the frames, to latch them shut.

Unlatch and unfold the frames and the support leg and place the mattress inside. Sand any rough edges. Now give your new toy hauler bed a test nap.


  • check You can add a plywood sheet to the inner bottom of the bed frame if the cross boards of the frame prove to be too uncomfortable. If you want to make your finished product look more formal, you can attach paneling to the frame to tidy-up the looks of the toy hauler bed.

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