How to Build a Motorcycle Platform Turntable

by Regina Paul

Many motorcycle riders find they don't have enough space in their garages or their parking lots in which to turn their bike around. Turning a heavy bike around in a tight space can result in injuries. One way to solve this problem is to build a motorcycle platform turntable. While somewhat challenging, this task is not all that difficult.

Drill four to five holes into the steel angle irons so you can screw the plank onto the angles.

Screw the steel angle irons to the pine plank.

Screw the turntable ring up into the bottom of the first plywood disk, then into the bottom of the pine plank and then down into the base plate, which is the second plywood circle.

Drill two holes on both sides on one end of the first diamond plate and attach two of the hinges. Then attach it to one end of the pine plank with the other sides of the two hinges. This will allow you to flip the plate up when turning your bike on the turntable.

Drill holes on both sides on one end of the second diamond plate, attach it to the hinges and then attach it to the other end of the pine plank with the other sides of the two hinges. Having two diamond plates on each end will allow you to enter your turntable from either end.


  • check Consider just having one diamond plate and attaching it to each end with hooks instead of hinges. This would allow you to simply switch the plate to whichever end you want.


  • close Be sure that your pine plank is long enough to accommodate the wheel base of your bike, as well as being wide enough that you are comfortable driving up onto it.

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