How to Build a Motorcycle Cover

by Cameron Easey

Motorcycles that are stored in a garage or outside for any length of time should have a cover to protect them from the weather. You can buy a cover for your motorcycle, or you can save yourself some money and build one yourself. First you'll need to make a pattern for the cover out of plastic. The pattern can then be used with any type of material to create the cover.

Measure the length of the bike from the front wheel to the back wheel with a tape measure. Make a note of this measurement on a piece of paper.

Place the tape measure in the center of the handlebars and measure outward to the end of one side. Make a note of this measurement on the piece of paper you used in Step 1. .

Measure from the ground up to the top of the handlebars on one side of the motorcycle.

Add the measurement from Step 2 to the measurement from Step 3.

Cut two pieces of 3.5 mil plastic using the measurements from Steps 1 and 4. Use the measurement in Step 1 for the length of the plastic and the measurement in Step 4 for the width. This will give you two pieces of plastic that are the same size.

Place the two pieces of plastic over the top of the bike and attach them using plastic clamps.

Fold the plastic inward at the front tire to reduce the amount of plastic. Place a plastic clamp over the fold. Repeat this step for the plastic at the back tire.

Fold the plastic inward on one side of the bike and place a clamp over the fold. Repeat this process for the other side of the motorcycle.

Trace around the base of the plastic to create an outline. Trace a line on each side of the folds that you made in Steps 7 and 8.

Remove the plastic clamps and place the two sheets of plastic on the ground, side by side. Secure the two pieces of plastic together with duct tape.

Cut around the outline on the plastic with a pair of scissors.

Place the outline over a sheet of polyester fabric. Trace around the outline with the felt tip marker then cut around the outline with the scissors.

Sew the seams or edges of the polyester fabric together to create the cover.


  • check You can sew the seams of the polyester fabric with a sewing machine or by hand with a heavy gauge needle and thread.

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