How to Build a Bullbar

by Max Quigley

Bullbars are usually welded metal pipes that are attached to the front of cars and vans to give added protection. They are quite easy to make and certainly cheaper than buying one. Making your own gives you the added bonus of being able to design it whichever way you want. All you need are a few readlily available materials and tools. You will need two 2-foot long pipes and around three 4-foot long ones. The smaller pipes need to attach to the underframe of the car and then support the longer, horizontal pipes that are the main protection for the grille.

Cut the steel piping to length. The size of the pipes obviously depends on the size of your car or truck. Two feet should usually be sufficient for the pipes that will stand vertically from the underframe of the vehicle. The pipes that will later be horizontally welded onto the vertical ones should be cut to around 4 feet. Use hollow piping as this is light and aim for piping with a 1 1/2-inch diameter.

Curve the bottom of vertical pipes to a 90 degree angle. This is so that they can be attach to the underframe of the car. You can use a variety of methods to do this but the easiest way is to simply hammer them into shape.

Weld all the components together. First weld two vertical pipes to the underframe. Leave a gap of around 2 feet between them. Now weld the 4-foot piping to the vertical pipes so that they are in a horizontal position. Leave around 3 to 4 inches between each pipe.


  • close Wear a mask and eye protection while welding as the fumes and intensity of the light can be damaging.

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