Buick Heater Control Problems

by Andrea Stein
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Automobiles contain a climate control system, allowing occupants of the vehicle to maintain a present temperature within the cabin. Buick vehicles can suffer from heater control problems, which can often be resolved through basic troubleshooting.

Erratic Settings

If turning the climate control knobs on a Buick results in erratic temperature settings, the heating control may have a failed blend air door control motor or bad interior temperature sensor. Inspect the sensor and door control motor’s coils for signs of damage or corroded/detached wiring and make the necessary adjustments or replacements.

No Heat

If heat fails to blow from the vents while the heat is switched on, it might be due to a burnt-out blower fan relay, which opens up a pair of contacts and enables electricity to flow to the fan motor. Inspect the relay for signs of electrical damage along with the connection to ensure it is clean and secure.

No Power

A blown fuse can cause the heating control to fail to activate. Fuse locations can vary based on Buick year and model, so refer to your owner’s manual. Check for a dark or blackened fuse, which indicates it has blown, and replace it to restore proper Buick heater control function.

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