Which Brand Is the Best Rated Tires?

by Josh Michaels

Consumer Reports Likes Michelin

Consumer Reports rates current auto and truck tires on its subscription-based website, dividing them into nine different categories based on performance type and weather. The site gives Michelin the highest overall marks in five of the nine categories, often citing the brand's durability and performance as key factors.

Other Brands Score Well Too

In the four categories that Michelin doesn't top, Consumer Reports gives the highest marks to Falken, General, Pirelli and Bridgestone. The categories they top, respectively, are Ultra-High Performance All-Season, All Season Truck, All-Terrain Truck and Performance Winter.

Bottom Line

It's difficult to definitively choose the best tire brand, but Michelin is the top bet in the majority of categories. If, however, you're in the market for Ultra-High Performance All-Season, All Season Truck, All-Terrain Truck or Performance Winter tires, there are better choices.

About the Author

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