How to Get Better Gas Mileage in a Honda Odyssey

by Erica Roth

The Honda Odyssey is a large, family-sized vehicle that unfortunately does not get top honors in the fuel-economy department. Most Odyssey models get about 16 miles per gallon in the city. However, you can make some changes to you driving style that may result in better gas mileage. Taking your Odyssey in for routine maintenance checks can also help earn you a few more miles per gallon before you need to fill up again.

Step 1

Take a few extra minutes to warm up your minivan in the morning before you start driving. Though it may sound counter-intuitive to let the car run when you're not driving it to save gas, it's not. A cold engine is not as fuel-efficient as a warm one.

Step 2

Read about oil changes in your Honda Odyssey owner's manual. The type of motor oil your Odyssey requires may vary depending on the year model that you drive, but sticking to the brand Honda recommends often helps your car run more smoothly. Have your minivan's oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for the best results.

Step 3

Check the air pressure in your tires and keep them full at all times to reduce the amount of drag you experience when you drive. Drag slows the car down and wastes fuel. Find the air-pressure recommendations on the inside of your Odyssey's front driver's-side door.

Step 4

Keep up with repairs such as tire rotations, changing air and fuel filters, spark plugs and other regular maintenance. If your vehicle is run down, it's not going to be as efficient as it can be when everything is in tip-top shape. Visit to find your local dealership service center (see Resources).

Step 5

Resist the temptation to driver faster than 65 miles per hour. Your car creates more drag when you drive fast, which translates into lessened efficiency and gas mileage.

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