The AW 46 Hydraulic Oil Specifications

by Joe Friedman

AW 46 hydraulic oil is high-quality oil suitable for many industrial and mobile uses, including boats, elevators, pneumatic tools, construction equipment and winches. It has some advanced engineered properties that protect against rust and corrosion. The hydraulic oil is also resistant to foaming, which causes poor, slow hydraulic system response.

Specific Gravity and Density

Specific gravity is the ratio of a liquid's density to the density of water. AW 46 hydraulic oil's specific gravity is 0.868. Its density is 7.23 lbs per gallon.

Flash Point

A liquid's flash point is the lowest temperature it begins to vaporize and mix with air to create an ignitable mixture. AW 46's flash point is 227 degrees Celsius, which is 441 degrees Fahrenheit.


The viscosity of a liquid is a measure of how thick it is and it depends on temperature. Manufacturers generally measure viscosity in centistokes (cSt). At 40 degrees Celsius, AW 46's viscosity is 46 cSt, giving it its name. At 100 degrees Celsius, its viscosity thins out to 6.8 cSt.

Further Properties

AW 46 hydraulic oil's viscosity number is exactly 100. Its acid number is 0.38. Last, it is 0.043 percent zinc by weight.

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