What is the Average Cost of a Motorcycle Tire Change?

by Kay Whittenhauer
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Motorcycle tires affect a bike's steering, braking and acceleration. Unsafe tires can lead to an unsafe ride. Tilted valve stems, improper air pressure, wear spots, loose balance weights and dented or cracked rims can result in a dangerous tire blowout.

Motorcycle Tires

The types of motorcycle tires include sport, touring, cruiser, motocross, off-road, sand, blackwall and whitewall. The typical price range for a motorcycle tire is $69 to $159, depending on the motorcycle, tire and manufacturer.

Balancing, Weighing and Mounting Motorcycle Tires

Some shops include installation in the cost of the tire, while others do not. Additional charges may include $12 per tire for balancing, $4 per tire for weighing and mounting, and $2 per tire for a recycling fee. These prices are approximate and vary by region.

New Tires vs. Retreads

Retreads, or retreaded tires, are old tires that have been repaired, inspected and re-sold. Retreads cost 30-50% less than comparable new tires, and have been reported to be just as safe and reliable as new tires.

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