ATV Trails Near Deadwood, South Dakota

by Beth ShumateUpdated October 25, 2017
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Off-roaders visiting Deadwood, South Dakota, will find roughly 1.25 million acres of public land in the surrounding Black Hills National Forest. Hundreds of miles of primitive roads and ATV trails near Deadwood, South Dakota, are open to all ATVs, 4X4s, Jeeps and motorcycles, providing hours of off-roading fun with plenty of beautiful scenery.

Mad Mountain Adventures

ATV enthusiasts or even novices wanting to take on the trails of the Black Hills can do so un-guided when renting ATVs at Mad Mountain Adventures. Located six miles due south of Deadwood on Highway 385, the season at Mad Mountain Adventures begins in mid-May and ends September 6 when they start renting snow mobiles. All ATV drivers must have a valid driver's license and if a minor, must have a parent present at all times. The rental fee includes liability insurance, but Mad Mountain recommends renters also have home owners or auto insurance, or credit card benefits to cover any possible damages to the ATV. A helmet is provided with the rental as is a United States Forestry Service map, safety video and operating instructions.

Renters are responsible for protective gear which could include long pants, boots, eye protection and jacket. Renters need to return the ATV filled with fuel. Bring along a camera, as the scenery is well-worth capturing in photographs.

Man Mountain Adventures Hwy. 385, six miles south of Deadwood Deadwood, SD 57732 605-578-1878

Trout Haven Resort

People interested in trying an ATV adventure who don't have their own ATVs can rent one and go on a guided Black Hills ATV Adventure at Trout Haven Resort. The resort provides goggles and helmets with the driver covering the gas charges and any damages to the vehicles they rent. The resort only allows the driver on the rental ATV, so unlike independent or open ATV trails, riders aren't allowed. Renters must have a credit card in order to make a deposit on the rented ATV, but the refund will be returned when the vehicle is inspected after the ATV adventure.

Trout Haven Resort 22485 Hwy. 385 Deadwood, SD 57732 866-601-5103

Badlands National Park

Located two hours south of Deadwood on Scenic Highway 44 in the Black Hills, Badlands National Park is an ATV rider’s dream locale with hundreds of miles of trails and back roads, many of which can’t be reached by car. Off-road vehicles and ATVs aren’t allowed off the roads, but so much of the park is accessible to all types of off-road vehicles, riders with be plenty busy climbing ravines, rocks and other obstacles. Riders bringing their ATVs to Badlands National Park must meet certain South Dakota requirements including wearing helmets (for anyone under 18) and eye protection, obeying traffic regulations and using an ATV that is properly licensed. Off-road vehicles wider than 50 inches are prohibited from ATV trails in Badlands National Park and other Black Hills ATV trails. Information about Badlands National Park is available by contacting the Black Hills National Forest Service.

Badlands National Park 25216 Ben Reifel Road Rapid City, 57750

Black Hills National Forest Service Office 25041 N. Hwy. 16 Custer, SD 57730 605-673-9200

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