How to Attach a Brush Guard to the Front of a Truck

by Robert Good

A brush guard is a large metal frame that covers the front bumper, lights and grille, giving the truck protection from trees and other elements that hit the front of the truck while you are driving on and off the road. You will need to buy a brush guard specific to your truck's model-year from a certified dealer. You will also need mechanic's tools and a level, well lit work area to install the brush guard.

Lay the brush guard and all of the mounting brackets on a clean, flat surface. If the truck has tow hooks already installed, remove the bolts that secure them to the frame with a ratchet set and pull the hooks off of the frame.

Place the brush guard onto the front of the truck. Position the brush guard's support arms onto the frame arms under the front bumper. Instruct an assistant to hold the brush guard in place as you climb under the truck so that you are looking up at the frame.

Insert the securing bolt into the holes on the brush guard and push them through the holes on the truck's frame. Connect the nuts to the bolts and tighten them with the ratchet set. If the brush guard has a light on it, then you will need to wire it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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