How to Assemble a Portable Carport Frame

by Jennifer Long

Carports can be rather handy. Obviously, their main purpose is to provide shelter for your vehicle. Carports are more versatile than that, though. Portable carports are helpful because they can be moved to different locations as needed. They can be used for temporary storage or even a shelter from weather during outdoor gatherings. To make the most of your portable carport frame, you need to know how to assemble it properly.

Lay out all of the parts for the portable carport. Make sure that all of the necessary pieces are there.

Connect all of the pipes together for the top section of the frame. The pipes will slide inside one another. If your carport model uses screws to hold the pipes together at the joints, add these screws.

Assemble the poles for the side sections in the same manner, adding screws if required.

Connect your side sections to the top section, again sliding the pipes inside each other.

Drape your carport cover over the frame, lining up the form of the cover with the frame's shape.

Secure the straps in each of the four corners from inside the carport. Depending on your model, your straps will either attach with hook-and-loop fasteners around the poles or will wrap around the pole and screw into place.

Pull the carport cover tight and secure the side flaps in the same manner as the corners.

Insert the legs into the bottom of the side poles, one side at a time, starting from the middle and then working out to the front and back.

Attach the anchoring system, if desired, to the legs of the carport frame following the manufacturer's installation instructions.


  • check To make assembly easier, put together the top and sides upside down and then flip the frame over to add the cover.

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