How to Apply for a Handicap Parking Permit in New York

by Tiffany Raiford

Handicap placards are given to disabled drivers who apply for one. These placards are used to secure legal parking in handicap parking spaces all over the country. Disabled New York drivers are required to fill out an application with the appointed issuing agent in their city or town. The Department of Motor Vehicles does not issue New York handicap placards. Only people with proven disabilities, as stated by a licensed New York physician, receive handicap parking placards.

Obtain form MV-664.1. Form MV-664.1 is the application for disabled parking permits. These applications are obtained from the issuing agent in your town; copies of MV-664.1 forms are also available for download from the New York DMV website. Fill out your personal information including your name, address, social security number and contact information in the first section.

Take your application to your primary care physician so he can fill out section two of your application, which is required by the State of New York. You cannot receive a disabled parking permit without your doctor's signature and a description of your medical disability.

Take your application and proof of your identity to your local issuing agent's office. Most town clerks and police departments issue handicap placards according to the instructions provided on the MV-664.1. The New York DMV recommends calling your local city hall to find out the location of your city's issuing agent. Your parking placard is issued while you are at the issuing agent's office.

Mail your application, if you are a resident of New York City, in lieu of visiting an issuing agent's office, to: NYC Department of Transportation 28-11 Queens Plaza North, 8th Floor Long Island City, NY 11101-4008 Only residents of New York City can mail applications. All other New York residents must visit an issuing agent's office. Your parking placard is mailed to you after your application is processed.


  • check There is no fee associated with obtaining a handicap parking placard in New York.

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