How to Get Antique Plates in New Hampshire

by Ken White
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Most states have laws governing how antique vehicles are registered and licensed. These laws specify how old the vehicle must be to qualify as an antique vehicle and often describe what a vehicle bearing antique license plates can be used for. The State of New Hampshire defines an antique vehicle as one that is at least 25 years old. Vehicles with antique license plates in the state may only be used for exhibitions, parades, car club meetings and other special functions. They cannot be used for everyday driving.

Step 1

Visit a town or city clerk office to register the vehicle. You must provide the clerk with a Certificate of Title or an Affadavit of Ownership for Antique Vehicles. An Inspection Report from a New Hampshire Vehicle Inspection Station must also be provided to prove that the vehicle is street-worthy. This inspection checks wheels and tires, electrical systems, brakes, the exhaust system, glass and mirrors, and the body/chassis of the vehicle. After registration, antique vehicles must be inspected annually every April if they are less than 40 years old, and every two years in April if they are more than 40 years old.

Step 2

Pay the normal titling fee of $25 if you are titling the vehicle for the first time in the state. You must also pay a registration fee of $25. When the initial registration period ends, you will register the antique vehicle normally and pay a fee that is set by the town or city.

Step 3

Visit a New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicle Registration Substation to purchase an antique license plate for the vehicle. The cost is $8.00 for the initial plate and $6.00 per year annually thereafter.

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