How to Anchor Your Boat at a Beach

by Allison Melman

What better way to end a blissful day of sailing than building a campfire at a nearby beach? If you decide to stop at a beach while out in a boat, it's wise to anchor the boat instead of just pulling the boat onto the beach. A high tide could surprise you and pull the boat out to sea. By following a few simple steps, you can learn how to anchor your boat at a beach and continue your fun and relaxation.

Load the boat with a beach anchor. A beach anchor is more reliable than a regular anchor when working with sand. They can either be twisted into sand like a corkscrew or pounded like a spike.

Secure the anchor rope to the bow with a bowline knot. Form a loop in the rope, and then a second loop. Take the loose end of the second loop and put it through the first loop. Continue pulling that end around the initial length of rope and back through the same loop, and then tighten.

Secure the other end of the rope to the beach anchor with an anchor hitch knot. Turn the rope around the handle and pass the end around the initial length of rope. Thread the ends through the turns and tighten.

Drive the boat close to shore. Exit the boat and swim or walk to the beach. Keep the back of the boat and propeller floating in water.

Pull the anchor rope as far as it will go. Push the beach anchor deep into the sand by twisting or driving.


  • check Keep a rope designated for the beach anchor so you do not have to untie the regular anchor every time you stop at a beach.


  • close Pull the anchor as far up the beach as possible. An anchor that is close to the shoreline may end up deep underwater depending on the tides. It will be difficult to remove from the sand.

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