How to Adjust Headlight Aiming

by Robert Good

On most vehicles, the headlights are adjusted by using small screws on the right and left side of the headlights. Every vehicle is different and so is the placement of the adjustment screws. Older model vehicles have sealed headlights and the screws are in front of the headlight, and newer models have the adjustment screws on the inside of the engine compartment behind the headlight.

Start the engine of the vehicle and turn on the headlights. Locate the adjustment screws on the front sides of the headlight or inside the engine compartment.

Turn the adjustment screw using the screwdriver. Turning the screws to the right will tighten the screw and commonly tilt the headlight upward. Turning the screws to the left will loosen the screws and commonly tilt the headlights down.

Adjust the headlights until the lights point in the direction that allow you to see well while you are driving. Repeat these steps every time that you need to adjust your headlights.

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