How to Adjust & Set the Clock in an Oldsmobile Silhouette Van

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The most recent Oldsmobile Silhouette model was sold in 2004, and General Motors discontinued the Oldsmobile brand after that. The Silhouette shared most of its parts with the Pontiac Montana and Chevrolet Venture minivans. The Silhouette was available with a choice of radios, but the process for setting the van's radio clock is the same in each of them.

Locate the "M" and "H" buttons on the bottom edge of the Silhouette's radio. According to the owner's manual, these buttons are labeled "MN" and "HR" on some models. The "M" or "MN" stands for "Minute." The "H" or "HR" stands for "Hour." Start the Silhouette's engine.

Press and hold either the "H" or "HR" button. The hour number should start to advance. Continue holding the button until the Silhouette's hour setting is correct. The radio clock differentiates between "AM" and "PM." Note the symbol next to the time to ensure that you have it set correctly. It cycles through both settings.

Press and hold "M" or "MN," depending on the model. Continue holding it until the minute display shows the correct time. Turn the key off to exit the clock mode.

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