How to Adjust a Chrysler Headlamp

by Trey Johnson
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If you are relying on your high-beams more often than usual or have motorists flashing their lights at you even though you do not have your high-beams on, you may need to adjust the headlamps on your Chrysler. Your Chrysler's headlamps provide you the light you need to see safely during nighttime driving. If your headlamps are incorrectly adjusted, the pattern they project can be inadequate and can also blind oncoming drivers. Periodically verifying and adjusting the aim of your Chrysler's headlamps will give the the ideal nighttime visibility.

Step 1

Find a flat surface that is adjacent to a large wall. You will need a level surface that extends at least 30-feet from the wall. Pull your vehicle close the the wall as straight as possible.

Step 2

Mark the center line of your Chrysler on the wall using the masking tape. recommends using a yardstick placed on the hood ornament and extended to the wall to get a precise mark. Measure the center of one headlight from the ground and from the center of one headlight to the center of the vehicle. Using more tape, transfer these measurements to the wall to mark the horizontal and vertical center lines of each headlamp beam.

Step 3

Measure 25-feet away from the wall and park the Chrysler there. Be sure to keep the vehicle perpendicular to the wall, if the vehicle is crooked it will skew the adjustments.

Step 4

The adjustment screws on Chryslers are located on top of the headlight assembly. Locate these screws and determine which screws control the vertical headlamp movement and which adjust the horizontal aim. You will most likely only need to adjust the vertical alignment of your Chrysler's headlamps. Several manufacturers do not recommend adjusting the horizontal headlamp aim.

Step 5

Adjust the headlamp beams until they are two inches below the horizontal lines and two inches to the right of the vertical lines by turning the adjustment screws. Adjust each plane separately for the greatest accuracy. In this position your Chrysler headlamps will project the most efficient beam pattern without blinding other drivers.

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