How to Add XM to a Radio in a BMW

by Justan Brandt
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XM satellite radio is available as a factory-installed option from 24 different vehicle manufacturers. BMW is not one of those manufacturers. Sirius is the factory-installed satellite radio provider for all new BMW models. If XM is your preferred satellite radio provider and you have a BMW with Sirius, or have a BMW without a satellite radio, there are still several options available to add XM satellite radio.

Step 1

Upgrade your Sirius subscription to include the "Best of XM," featuring XM Public Radio, Oprah Radio, College Sports, MLB Home Plate, PGA Tour Network, NBA, NHL Home Ice, The Virus and The Indycar Series channels.

Step 2

Download the iPhone and iPod Touch Sirius/XM App and apply for "Premium Online Service." The application will allow you to stream programming from Sirius/XM on your iPhone or iPod Touch. When you have proper Internet access, you can connect to vehicles equipped with an auxiliary input or iPhone/iPod adapter.

Step 3

Purchase an XM radio and vehicle mounting kit. XM offers two different radios dedicated for in-vehicle use and several multilocation units that can also be used in a vehicle. Depending on the stereo setup of your BMW, these radios can be hardwired, connected through an auxiliary audio jack, broadcast across an FM transmitter or integrated with a cassette adapter.

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